Courses Available

Certificate Course in German Language
Master of Arts in Tribal Studies
Certificate Course in Myanmarese Language
Certificate Course in Tribal Language
Certificate Course in Yoga Therapy Education
Advance Post Graduate Diploma In Biodiversity
Master of Arts in Anthropology
Master of Science in Botany
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Commerce
Bachelor of Computer Application
Master of Computer Application
Master of Technology (CSE)
Master of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Education
Master of Arts in Education
Master of Technology (ECE)
Master of Arts in English
Certificate Course in Communicative English
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Arts in Geography
Post Graduate Diploma in Geo-Informatics
Bachelor of Science in Geology
Master of Arts in Hindi
Post Graduate Diploma in Functional Hindi
Master of Arts in History
Master of Business Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management & Tourism (PGDHMT)
Master of Arts in Mass Communication
Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication
Master of Science in Mathematics & Computing
Bachelor of Physical Education
Post Graduate Diploma In Yoga Therapy Education
Master of Science in Physics
Master of Arts in Political Science
Master of Arts in Psychology
Master of Social Work
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Science in Zoology
M. Phil. in Tribal Studies
Ph. D. in Anthropology
M. Phil. in Anthropology
Ph. D. in Mass Communication
Ph. D. in Botany
M. Phil. in Botany
Ph. D. in Chemistry
Ph. D. in Commerce
M. Phil. in Commerce
Ph. D. in Computer Science and Engineering
Ph. D. in Economics
M. Phil. in Economics
Ph. D in Education
Ph. D. in English
Ph.D. in Geography
M. Phil. in Geography
Ph. D. in Hindi
M. Phil. in Hindi
Ph. D. in History
M. Phil. in History
Ph. D. in Management
Ph. D. in Physical Education
M. Phil. in Mass Communication
Ph. D. in Mathematics
M. Phil. in Mathematics
Ph. D. in Physics
M. Phil. in Political Science
Ph. D. in Political Science
Ph. D. in Sociology
M. Phil. in Sociology
Ph. D. in Zoology
M. Phil. in Zoology
Diploma in Computerised Accounting
Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Insurance
Master of Arts in Defence & Strategic Studies
Ph. D. in Tribal Studies
M. Phil. in English
Ph. D. in Social Work
Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Sanitation